Toa 7IN1 Super Sealer

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TOA 7IN1 Super Sealer (Solvent Base)
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TOA 7IN1 Super Sealer (Solvent Base)

Contact Primer for hair line crack.
Cover hair line crack.
Superb waterproof performance.
Corrosion protection.
Dirt pick-up resistance.
Efflorescent resistance.
Product Group
Ultra Premium
Type of Finishing
Can Size
15 Liter

2,914 ฿

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  • 7in1 Super sealer is base on super acrylic solventbase that designed for use as pigmented wall primer The properties of this product are excellent alkali resistance and superior pH balance that protecttopcoat from efflorescence in cementitious materials. This product is super bonding agent that provides excellent adhesion between the substrates and paint filmas well as it forms a breathable film thatallows the releast of water vapor from substrates through out of the paint film to eliminate the risk of blistering.

Surface Preparation

  • New surface
    • Allow the surfaces dry at least 2 days in case of speedy work.
    • The surfaces must be clean and free of dirt, grease, oil, wax, salt and other contaminants.
    • TOA Acrylic Sealent or TOA Acrylic Filler is used to repair all cracks and rough surfaces.
  • Old surface
    • The surfaces must be clean and free of dirt,wax,salt,old paint and other contaminants.
    • Chalky surfaces or loose material must be removed by stiff brush.
    • TOA113 Microkill is used to get rid of algae and fungi that left on the surfaces.
    • The surfaces must be clean with suitable cleansing solution and water then rinse thoroughly with fresh water and allow to fully dry.
    • TOA Acrylic Sealent or TOA Acrylic Filler is used to repair all cracks and rough surfaces.

Coating system

  • Primer
    • Apply by brush with 7IN1 Super Sealer 1 coat.
  • Topcoat
    • Can be topcoat with Acrylic Emulsion Paint and Alkyd Base Enamel Paint
  • Recommendation
    • The temperature of the substrate should be minimum 10 ํC and at least 3 ํC above the dew point of the air , temperature and relative humidity measured in the vicinity of the substrate. Good ventilation is required in confined areas to ensure correct drying.

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